Scientists & Technicians

With NEOGEN® Analytics, you can simplify your workflow and maximize your results. With updates in real time, you can easily monitor everything happening in your facilities and be confident you’re prepared for anything.

Get better insights into problem areas and improve your troubleshooting by identifying data trends early. You can view all of your data at a click of a button any time, so there are zero surprises, allowing you to receive more points on your audit when you can show corrective actions.

You’ll minimize human errors, streamline processes, and reduce risks by automating test schedules, data entry, and more. By simplifying your testing and reporting, and increasing efficiency in your data management, you’ll regain hours of time.

Get your Fridays Back

  • Stop being buried in paperwork
  • Get more time out on the floor instead of behind a desk
  • Have more time for your other priorities

Aggregate Your Data

Combine food safety test results from multiple sites to get a complete picture of your risk.

Analyze Your Data

Interact with data in real time effortlessly with complete functionality.

Act on Your Data

Investigate trends and outliers to take action before problems can cause shutdowns, poor audit results, or recalls.