Quality Control & Compliance

NEOGEN® Analytics brings the power and ease of advanced technology into your data management. From cloud-based access and automated workflows to reporting analytics and integrating lab devices, your whole team will get a wide range of tools to maximize efficiency and accuracy. Let NEOGEN Analytics simplify your processes, make your problem solving more effective, and let your teams be even more efficient.

With Always On Audit Prep, you’re prepared for audits at a moment’s notice. Instead of scrambling to get paper records or bulky excel files ready, everything you need will already be up to date and organized. Comply with FDA, USDA, CFIA, and internal policies without the time consuming and difficult work of manually creating reports. You can face any auditor any time and be confident all of your data is ready.

It’s also easier to see trends and discover hidden problems. You’ll have increased visibility of all aspects of your processes, so you can catch problems faster and mitigate risks.


Reduce Audit Fatigue

With all your data aggregated in one spot, you can have answers ready for any audit in minutes without stress. You won’t have to frantically prepare for audits when you have access to an always up-to-date resource.



Dashboards give you an instant snapshot of the health and performance of your sites. See trends and hotspots across all your plants and increase your optimization.


Corrective Actions

Set up automated workflows that notify stakeholders and instantly launch corrective action plans. The system records each step, producing a complete audit trail.


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