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Your food safety digitalization journey starts with Neogen®. Our variety of digital deployments help companies like yours find the best starting point for their organization. Depending on your organization's needs, we will right-size the digital solution for your food safety needs. The no-cost offer of Neogen Analytics as either a reporting only or full digital deployment lets organizations jump-start their digitalization efforts with minimal risk.

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Neogen Analytics

Aggregation of Food Safety Data ATP for one facility ATP across multiple facilities All data, all facilities
Cloud-based No Yes Yes
Multiple Users Defined by Roles Multiple users Multiple Users Multiple users and multiple roles
Statistics and Analytics Limited ATP Only Extensive, and between behaviors, and analysis types
Remediation Tracking, Corrective Actions No No For any test results from devices or 3rd party labs
Schedules Yes No Key Feature
Floor Plans No No Yes
Deployment Local PC installation, user install Training, login credentials, and short implementation Complete digitalization of the environmental plants, multiple user and location deployment, and dedicated customer success manager
Pricing Free Free with license First year free, license required

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