NEOGEN® Analytics

Merely Reacting to Environmental Testing Issues Introduces Risk

Get Proactive — Digitize Your EMP With NEOGEN® Analytics

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, forward-thinking executives are accelerating the adoption of digital strategies to maintain productivity while enabling remote management of key functions. Automation of food safety operations is critical to this objective.

With limited resources and tightening margins, how can you get started now?

NEOGEN believes that adoption of digital food safety technology should not come with a prohibitive price tag. The industry can’t move forward unless access to technology is made simpler and less expensive. This is why we are waiving the first-year investment to access its groundbreaking NEOGEN Analytics automation platform.


Get Digitally Transformed

Empower your team to digitize and deliver an improved food safety culture.

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Take Action with Real Time Data

Watch through the lens of an executive, how with a click of a button you can access key data and metrics throughout each of your plants.

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Know Your Safety ROI

Can you measure the impact of automation on operations, process efficiency, and audit risk?

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NEOGEN is investing in your digital future​