NEOGEN Analytics

Control Your Data. Control Your Environment. Control Your Risk.

NEOGEN® Analytics is the most comprehensive Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) cloud-based software available on the market. Designed specifically for food manufacturing plants of all sizes — no matter their location — NEOGEN Analytics crunches the numbers, safely stores the data, and alerts you of critical issues so you can act appropriately and ultimately protect your brand.


A New Era of Smart Food Safety

Food companies can spend up to $10 million in cost on a single recall through direct and indirect costs such as communicating the recall across the supply chain, handling the recalled product, investigating root causes, and implementing corrective actions.

With technology and digitization changing the food industry and how data managed and tracked, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released Blueprint for the Future: New Era of Smarter Food Safety, a guide for food companies for modernizing their food safety and quality assurance programs and testing to meet the highest quality standards and rsing consumer expectations.


Modernize Your Operations with NEOGEN Analytics

NEOGEN Analytics brings the power and ease of advanced technology into your facility and data management. It gives you and your leadership team complete visibility into testing data and how corrective actions are happening to remain compliant with food safety regulations. It can simplify your processes, make your problem solving more effective, and let your teams be even more efficient.


See the Big Picture

  • Get a bird’s eye view of your plant’s floor plan
  • Access complete histories for test locations, including photos
  • Ensure coverage and compliance with robust randomization
  • Keep testing on track with recurring schedules

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