5 Tips for Winter Rodent Control in Poultry Production

December 15, 2021

Our 5 Top Tips for Poultry Producers to Control Rodents in Winter.

During cooler months rodents will attempt to find a new home inside.

  1. Inspect buildings and rodentproof possible exit/entry points.
  2. Check the recommended Rotation Guide to choose the most appropriate rodenticide bait.
  3. Make sure bait stations contain fresh bait, filled sufficiently and spaced appropriately.
  4. Implement a robust cleanout program when birds leave the barn.
  5. Consult with your NEOGEN representative for advice on choosing the right bait, bait stations, and traps for your facilities.

Our experts are always happy to help! For more information contact us at rodentcontrol@NEOGEN.com



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