The Detectable D3 Needle by Ideal Instruments

June 12, 2013

Broken needles are a major concern of the pork and beef industries. The National Pork Producers Council, in cooperation with the National Pork Board developed a needle use awareness campaign called "ONE is too many". While even a single needle could cause severe consequences if it were to reach the dinner table, producers must balance that concern with cost-effectively injecting animals.

Ideal Instruments has the producers' solution—D3 Detectable Needles.

D3 Needles are the first designed with strength and detectability. Strength and detectability help ensure zero tolerance by keeping needles out of meat products to begin with, and easily detecting needles if they are present. In addition, the D3 Needles' strength provides durability, and thus a cost-effective utilization rate.

D3 Detectable Needles are specifically designed for production animal use and processing plant detectability. In addition, they address packer HACCP and quality assurance programs.


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In today's increasingly globalized world, food safety and security is paramount as producers are pushed to do more with less to feed an ever-growing population.

Part of ensuring food safety is protecting against dangerous foreign objects that can make their way into food products such as veterinary needles that break off during routine animal care or vaccination.

Leaders in swine, beef and dairy industries have recognized the harm that just one needle can cause and as a result have made significant strides to prevent them.

One of the ways to prevent broken needles is to simply make better needles. That's where Neogen comes in our D3 Detectable Needles are known for their durability, detectability, and dependability.

This short presentation will explain why Neogen's Needles are the best choice for veterinary use.

Neogen's D3 Detectable Needle is the strongest on the market.

Six times stronger than other needles.

To ensure the highest quality product D3 Needles undergo a 15-point quality inspection.

Neogen's D3 Detectable Needles also feature a chrome-plated brass hub which is much stronger and more resilient than the standalone aluminum or poly hubs.

The needles hub and tip are rigorously tested to ensure each needle matches Neogen's strict durability requirements.

In the rare event a needle breaks, the D3 Needle is 100% detectable in metal detectors thanks to the patented stainless steel alloy.

Historically, standard veterinary needles are only detected 15% of the time which leaves much more room for a broken needle to make its way to a dinner plate.

As you can see, when a broken standard needle is placed into meat and ran through a metal detector, there is only a small chance the detector will alert the facility.

However, when a D3 Needle is placed into meat and sent through the detector, the machine issues an alarm letting operators know a needle is present.

Operators can take the appropriate action to ensure the needle never reaches consumers.

Not only our D3 Needle's durable and detectable, they are also dependable.

D3 Needles maintain their sharpness through multiple injections staying sharper two and a half times longer than the traditional needles thanks in part to its B-beveled tip.

B-beveled needles are ground to a shorter and more long-lasting point than the A-beveled needles.

To ensure their dependability, D3 Detectable Needles are run through a bevy of quality control tests: from pierce testing to guarantee sharpness to pull testing to ensure the strength of the needle's connection to its hub.

D3's durability, detectability and dependability, help packers when implementing hazard analysis and critical control plans and quality assurance programs by reducing the number of broken needles and making it easier to test for if they do break.

These added features have led industry leaders to recognize the benefits of the detectable needle as a way to ensure quality and to prevent needles from reaching consumers.

Neogen is proud to offer the strongest detectable needles on the market along with other products to help ensure a safe and secure food supply for years to come.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our D3 Detectable Needles, please contact Neogen at 859.254.1221, via web at, or contact your local animal health distributor.


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