The Detectable D3 Needle by Ideal Instruments

June 12, 2013

Broken needles are a major concern of the pork and beef industries. The National Pork Producers Council, in cooperation with the National Pork Board developed a needle use awareness campaign called "ONE is too many". While even a single needle could cause severe consequences if it were to reach the dinner table, producers must balance that concern with cost-effectively injecting animals.

Ideal Instruments has the producers' solution—D3 Detectable Needles.

D3 Needles are the first designed with strength and detectability. Strength and detectability help ensure zero tolerance by keeping needles out of meat products to begin with, and easily detecting needles if they are present. In addition, the D3 Needles' strength provides durability, and thus a cost-effective utilization rate.

D3 Detectable Needles are specifically designed for production animal use and processing plant detectability. In addition, they address packer HACCP and quality assurance programs.


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