Neogen®’s technical support for the Soleris® Next Generation

July 22, 2020

Leaders from our Technical Services team discuss the exciting unveiling of Soleris® NG, and walk you through the available support options.

Video Transcript


Hi, I'm Tony Lupo, Neogen Senior Director of Technical Service and I'm here today to tell you a little bit about some of the technical support that my team can offer as you become familiar with new Neogen products and go to install them at your facility.

One of the key missions of Technical Service is to provide superior technical support to you our end users both prior to, during and after a sale to a Neogen product.

And, so, really what that entails, in "prior to" is evaluating your sample matrices and comparing against validation data that we have here in our facility to determine whether or not the recommendation of a solution for you is in fact fit for purpose and will meet your needs.

Secondary to that, assuming that we're able to meet your needs from a technical perspective, comes our our aid that occurs during the sale which is really that training and installation piece. And it's making sure that we're able to install instrumentation, be able to calibrate it and be able to maintain it at your facility, as well as train your individuals on how to properly run the equipment and how to obtain accurate data.

Lastly, it's post-sale support and really that is any kind of troubleshooting, data interpretation needs that you may have, any kind of a scope change, or even additional matrix validation, which we're able to work with you on.

So, at this time I would really love the opportunity to take you upstairs to our laboratories and show you where the magic happens both of our validation work as well as introduce you to a few members of our team and show you some of our remote training capabilities which have become particularly useful here during the age of COVID-19 and our need to be able to offer that high level of support but maybe not always able to come to your facility based on your desires.

Without further ado why don't we go upstairs and take a look?

One of the products that I'm really excited about is our Soleris Next Generation hardware coupled with the Soleris Fusion software. This really takes the best of both what once was the legacy Soleris and legacy Biolumix instrument and pairs them together into one next generation piece of equipment and software package. Makes for a very easy user interface and a smooth transition for those customers of ours who maybe haven't tried the Soleris technology before in identifying various general microbiological organisms.

Well, we'd always like to be there with you in person, sometimes world events don't make that exactly possible, so a healthy compromise is usually one of our lab live suites.

Here we can, in a virtual lab environment, demonstrate for you complex laboratory procedures using high definition webcams and video conferencing tools in order to be able to train on the proper use and technique for Neogen rapid micro and other rapid techniques. Then, after sending a high definition webcam to you, you can demonstrate those techniques back to us and then we can issue a certificate based upon your performance.

This is a way that we can ensure that you achieve proficiency without having to sacrifice due to our inability to be able to come on site during these times.

Well, I know that working with Soleris and ANSR and some of the different microbiological systems that we offer here at Neogen, a real important part of that work on the front end is really having customer samples to understand how those specific matrices are going to perform under these platforms.

Asha, can you maybe walk us through how you and your team go about doing that for our prospective customers?

Yeah, sure. So typically we would ask a client to send in their most complex matrices for evaluation in our lab and once a sample is here what we will do is we'll do a suitability or a spike in recovery study that shows that the products are fit for purpose on the Neogen rapid microbiology system.

Thank you so much for joining us today!

In this virtual environment, hopefully, we can look to a time soon we'll be able to meet with each other in person, but until then please feel free to contact us with any technical questions that you have or concerns or data interpretation questions that you may have and we'll be more than happy to help you.

Thanks so much and have a great day.


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