Tech Tip | Why Micro Matrix Validations Are Needed

February 21, 2022

Asha Singh, Technical Services Manager, explains why a micro matrix validation may be necessary for certain sample types, and how Neogen® can help.


Video Transcript

Asha: A common question we receive at Neogen® is, “What makes a micro matrix validation necessary?” There are a lot of methods out there, but not all work well for a certain sample types. There can be anti-microbial inhibitors, biological, and chemical interferences in certain sample types that can lead to detection issues.

Spices and some root herbs tend to naturally inhibit microbial growth. Biological interferences, such as probiotic products, contain a high background of microflora. Lastly, personal care products contain chemical interferences, such as the high alcohol content in mouthwash. Neogen can help with micro matrix validations. Oftentimes, we may have pre-existing data on a specific matrix. If we don't have direct data, we might have similar products that we can advise on.

We will always do what's necessary to make sure you're comfortable with adopting a specific method. Based on our discussions, if we determine additional data is necessary, then we can collect samples, perform experiments, and generate a report to validate a particular sample type. If you have any further questions on matrix validation, feel free to reach out to your Neogen representative.



Category: Tech Tips, Consumer Goods, Microbiology