DSX | Replacing the Absorbance Module Filter

May 06, 2021

This video will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install or replace an absorbance module filter for a Dynex DSX instrument.

Video Transcript


Turn the instrument off in order to disengage the motor before attempting to remove the module.

Allow the instrument to cool for at least five minutes to prevent injury. The module casing and bulb may be hot.

Use a hex key, also known as an allen wrench, to loosen the screws of the absorbance module.

Gently remove the entire module from the instrument and place it on a clean flat surface.

The filters are mounted on the filter wheel

Locate the filter that will need to be removed from the filter wheel. Remember, the 405 filter must stay in Slot 1 on the filter wheel or the instrument will fail self tests upon startup.

Grasp the exterior filter housing firmly with a pair of needle nose pliers and pull the filter out of the spring-loaded slot.

Once the old filter is removed, replace it with the new filter. Make sure that the arrow on the filter is pointing up before grasping it with the pliers

Push the new filter into the spring-loaded slot until it clicks into place. You can verify proper installation by checking that the bottom groove of the filter is firmly seated in the filter wheel. If the groove is aligned with the spring on the filter wheel then the filter has been installed incorrectly and will result in invalid instrument performance.

Replace the filter access panel and screws in order to secure it in place.

Slide the module back onto the instrument and tighten the screws completely.

If the new filter is being inserted into a previously empty position or if the wavelength needs to be changed, the wavelength of the new filter must be entered in the main matrix.

Go to tools and select configure system then click on the absorbance filter tab and add the correct wavelength to the appropriate filter number.

Click "OK" and restart the system for the changes to take effect.

Please contact Neogen if you have any questions about the routine maintenance for the DSX unit.