Are You Ready for Harvest? | Proficiency Testing and Lab Services

May 17, 2022

Alex Kostin outlines our proficiency testing program and our ISO:17025 accredited laboratory testing services. Our proficiency testing programs are a great solution to verify that your technicians are running assays properly. Our ISO:17025 accredited laboratory is available for mycotoxin testing all year round.


Video Transcript


Narrator: Hi, I'm Alex Kostin, Manager of Tech Service here at Neogen®.

In today's “Are You Ready for Harvest?” video, we're going to go over proficiency programs and lab services. Do you need to verify that your technicians are running assays properly? Neogen’s proficiency testing program provides check samples to your lab four times a year. For each round, a report is generated that shows the proficiency of your results compared to a reference method. If your result and Z-score are out of spec, a member of our tech service team will contact you for additional guidance. You can sign up for this program through our website.

Do you need to do some mycotoxin testing but don't have the time or personnel? Neogen offers a great solution with our ISO certified laboratory testing services. Whether you need to test a sample or validate an in-house result, our lab services team is here to help. We offer reliable, accurate results with a quick turnaround time, and even offer expedited results if needed. To get started, go to our website and navigate to the laboratory services page. Download the Sample Analysis Request Form and fill in all the details. Add any special instructions needed for your sample and ship it to us. Once completed, results will be emailed to you.

Now that we've gone over proficiency testing and laboratory services, stay tuned for our next “Are You Ready for Harvest?” video.


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