ProMist'r Metered Aerosol Dispenser Installation

June 07, 2019

This video explains the process for installing and using the Neogen® ProMist'r.

Video Transcript


[Beef cattle stand in a pasture. A dog runs past.]

SUPERIMPOSE: Neogen® Animal Safety Division - Promist'r Installation

[The Promist'r box and unit are shown on a countertop.]

Narrator: The Promist'r is a hassle-free way to regularly apply insecticides or fragrances to targeted areas.

[Various locations in a stable are shown. A bathroom is shown. A paper towel is tossed into a trash bin.]

Place the Promist'r in a location where insects or odors are present. If using the dispenser with a fragrance, mount the dispenser near the source of the offending odor.

[A hand grabs the sides of a mounted ProMist'r and pulls the access panel open. The access panel is hinged at the bottom of the ProMist'r.]

Remove front cover of the unit by pulling from the top.

Make sure there's enough room to open the front compartment for easy canister installation.

[A hand holds the top of an opened ProMist'r and makes a mark on the wall through the mounting holes seen on the back of the ProMist'r. The person then uses a yellow power drill to make holes.]

Use the mounting brackets as a template, and drill hole as marked with a 3/16ths inch drill bit.

[The person slides the ProMist'r over the screws already placed in the pre-drilled holes.]

Secure mounting bracket with the screws provided.

[The person two batteries into the compartment at the bottom of the open ProMist'r.]

Place two D-cell batteries at the bottom of the device. Make sure to align the positive and negative terminals with the corresponding points on the device.

[A close-up of an open ProMist'r shows two black levers in the top right of the open ProMist'r. A hand pushes the levers changing the settings.]

Facing the device, set the dispenser to the desired interval using the two switches on the top right of the dispenser.

Adjust time set spray for 7.5, 15, or 30 minute intervals.

For 24 hour, day only, or night only periods.

[A close-up of the side of a closed ProMist'r shows an On/Off switch on the right of the device. The front of the open ProMist'r is shown. Three lights blink red and green before the spray can sprays a mist.]

Caution: Switch must be in off position to prevent premature spray.

[A person inserts a small aerosol can of spray into an open, mounted ProMist'r.]

Place the canister into the dispenser with the nozzle facing out.

[A person opens a mounted ProMist'r. A wooden wall is shown with a list of compatible canisters.]

Make sure the canister is compatible with the device. Compatible products include: Prozap LD-44T™ metered fly spray, or fragrances in 6.5 ounce canisters.

[A close-up of the top right of the ProMist'r shows three small LED lights. The top glows green. the bottom glows red.]

Battery level is indicated by the green light at the top right corner of the device. When the light is red, this indicates low battery.

[A person places new batteries into an open ProMist'r.]

Replace the old batteries with new ones of the same style and voltage.

[A person places a new canister into an open ProMist'r.]

Replace the old canister with the new one with the nozzle facing outward.

The Promist'r automatic aerosal dispenser covers a range of up to 6,000 cubic feet depending on conditions.

For all your fly and fragrance control needs, contact your sales representative for details or contact or call 859-254-1221 for more information.


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