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August 08, 2018

An overview of the wide variety of food and animal safety solutions Neogen® offers, from inside the farm gate to the dinner plate.

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With the mission of providing the best food and animal safety solutions from inside the farm gate all the way to the dinner plate, Neogen® is there!

As a global company that helps ensure safety and strength along with the complex food chain, we provide unparalleled worldwide sales and technical expertise.

We know what works!

For beef and dairy products the food chain begins with genomic testing to select the best beef and dairy bulls and heifers to produce the next generation of calves. This selection process can result in a more plentiful food supply that is safer, healthier, and more environmentally efficient to produce. We offer similar genomic solutions to the poultry and swine industries.

To ensure the health of animals worldwide, Neogen offers a complete range of animal health products to serve livestock producers and companion animal owners alike.

Neogen's Ideal® Instruments feature the Primatech durable syringes and paint as well as a full range of disposable needles, syringes, and other animal husbandry tools.

Supported by veterinarians for over 30 years, Neogen® Vet products provides safe effective therapeutic treatments for all animals providing a full range of supplements, antibiotics, biologics and wound care. Neogen® Vet offers the best in quality veterinary products.

Neogen's Ideal® Animal Health line offers livestock producers and animal owners over-the-counter supplements, wound care products and shampoos, to help animals perform at their peak level every day.

Enhancing the quantity and quality of food produced at livestock and poultry operations depends on raising food animals in bio-secure environments as was made apparent by outbreaks of the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, known to primarily affect baby pigs, and the North American outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Neogen knows that a strong biosecurity program involves sanitation, insect control and rodent control, and is committed to offering exemplary products to meet each of those needs. In addition to a full line of cleaners and disinfectants, Neogen also offers insect control solutions through its Prozap® line of products. To reduce the incidence of rodent infestations, Neogen offers rodent control products that allow for a full rotation of active ingredients including ones effective against warfarin-resistant rodents.

Neogen is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of tests to detect a wide range of important viral bacterial and fungal plant pathogens. Our tests detect more than 250 plant pathogens in critical crops, such as potatoes, corn, wheat and rice. We are also a leader in providing diagnostic products to grain and nut producers and processors for the detection of mycotoxins including aflatoxin and DON.

The company's rodenticides enhance the food supply by protecting growing plants and harvested food products from rodents.

Neogen ensures the safety and quality of food harvested from oceans and other aquaculture environments by offering the aquaculture industry testing expertise and rapid tests for foodborne pathogens, sanitation monitoring, histamine and shellfish toxins.

Neogen's products and services enhance the quantity, quality and safety of food whether it originates from a ranch, farm, field, orchard, sea or other location throughout their processing.

Neogen is a leader in providing rapid drug residue tests to ensure the safety of meat and milk products and offers an array of drug residue tests used in food and animal applications.

Food allergens are a leading cause of food recalls and are the subject of widespread global regulation. Neogen's rapid tests for food allergens have set the standard for simple and quick detection of these potentially dangerous residues. Our products include tests for all the major allergens including gluten, peanuts, milk and soy.

Our comprehensive line of tests for mycotoxins in grains and animal feeds help protect the health of animals as well as the quality and safety of the food products derived from numerous grains. We offer extremely easy tests for mycotoxins that can deliver results in as little as two minutes.

Protecting the food supply from foodborne pathogens is critical as pathogens, such as Salmonella, Listeria, and E. coli, carry dire consequences for consumers. Our ANSR® test system is the quickest and easiest testing method to definitively detect pathogen DNA in food and environmental samples providing results in 10 to 18 minutes.

Spoilage organisms such as yeast and mold can drastically shorten product shelf lifes and produce a variety of unwanted effects. Our Solaris® technology detects spoilage organisms in a fraction of the time required by traditional testing methods.

Neogen also offers culture media to grow a wide variety of bacteria. Our Acumedia® and Lab M® subsidiaries are premier manufacturers of high-quality culture media.

To address the growing concern of economic adulteration and food fraud, we offer simple tests to verify the species of meat and fish products.

Our new AccuPoint® Advanced ATP hygiene monitoring system is a valuable tool used by customers throughout the food and animal industries to ensure effective sanitation programs helping them produce the safest, highest-quality products possible.

As a world leader in food and animal safety testing, Neogen's comprehensive line of products services expertise and experience help strengthen the global food chain.

From inside the farm gate all the way to the dinner plate Neogen is there.



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