Quick Environmental Listeria Testing with Listeria Right Now™

October 26, 2018

Stop waiting for environmental Listeria results. Take action in under one hour with Neogen®’s Listeria Right Now™.

Our system provides the quick, efficient, onsight testing your facility needs. Verify your sanitation practices with this AOAC approved test.

Video Transcript

TITLE: Neogen®: A Day in the Life, Food Processing Facility, Plant Manager's Office

[A man sits at a desk talking on the phone.]

Man at Desk: Another Listeria positive! Where is it this time?

[The man listens to an unintelligible answer on the phone.]

Didn't we get a positive there last week? In fact, isn't that the third time we've received a positive in that same spot? We've got to figure out where these are coming from!

[The man listens to an unintelligible answer on the phone.]

I know we don't want to grow pathogens in house, but we've got to figure out a way of getting more actionable results!

[The man listens to an unintelligible answer on the phone.]

Keep me posted!

[The man hangs up the phone and addresses the camera.]

Sound familiar?

Listeria is ubiquitous in the environment but that doesn't mean it can't be controlled in your facility. The key is understanding the sources and vectors that move it around.

But you can't do that with conventional Listeria testing because you don't get a result for a day or two and by them you've already cleaned the area twice and those new results won't be back until tomorrow or the next day.

It's a real challenge.

Now imagine how much easier it would be to figure out where Listeria is coming from and what's moving it around if you got your environmental Listeria test results in less than an hour.

Think how that would help shift your environmental monitoring efforts to the seek-and-destroy approach your customers and regulators are asking for!

Introducing Listeria Right Now™, a complete system for taking environmental Listeria tests with molecular level accuracy that requires no enrichment and features a total time to result of under one hour.

Let's take a look at the process.

[A purple-gloved hand wipes a swab over a stainless steel surface.]

Narrator: First collect your environmental sample from a visibly clean surface that is free of excess sanitizer.

[Reagent is pipetted out of a container and into a vial containing a swab.]

Add one milliliter of reconstituted lysis buffer to each sample.

[The closed vial is placed on a vibrating rubber platform.]

Vortex each sample for about five seconds.

[A laboratory worker pipettes fluid from the opened vials and into a microwell array.]

Using the long pipette tips, transfer 0.5 milliliters of each sample to individual cluster tubes.

[The laboratory worker places a row of microwells into ports toward the back of a machine.]

Place the tubes on the 37 degrees Celsius heat block.

[The laboratory worker opens the machine and moves the row of microwells from the ports at the back of the machine to the ports in the front.]

After ten minutes, move the cluster tubes to the 80 degrees Celsius heat block for at least 20 minutes.

[The laboratory worker places different tubes into another machine.]

Preheat the reaction tubes in the 56 degrees Celsius heater.

[The laboratory worker uses an 8-channel pipettor to pipette fluids from the microwells in the first machine into the reaction tubes in the other machine.]

Pipette 50 microliters of sample into the reaction tubes.

[The laboratory worker rubs the lids onto the reaction tubes.]

Make sure the new caps are secure.

[The laboratory worker lifts the closed reaction tubes off of the vibrating rubber platform, taps the sides of the tubes, and inserts the reaction tubes into a machine connected to a laptop computer, and clicks the play command on the screen.]

Vortex briefly.

Tap to release bubbles to the top.

Place the reaction tubes in the reader.

Press play.

[An image of a desktop computer monitor shows multiple graphs in the software program.]

Eighteen minutes later you will have your results.

SUPERIMPOSE: The Listeria Right Now assay has received AOAC certification for use on environmental surfaces as a tool in seeking and destroying Listeria.

[Rob Donofrio is seen on screen in a white lab coat.]

Rob Donofrio, Ph.D, Director of Food Safety Research and Development: The beauty of Listeria Right Now is that it's a fast simple workflow that forgoes any enrichment procedure to attain the detection of Listeria species on environmental surfaces.

Preetha Biswas, Ph.D, Director of Microbiology, Principal Investigator for Listeria Right Now: The most important thing in this assay is the time to results. From sample collection to detection, can be completed in less than an hour.

[A graphic of sticks with balls connected at one end are shown on screen with stick ends almost touching and the balls to the outside like a chain of chemicals or DNA. A loop wraps around the long line of graphic elements. A grouping of the graphic elements are removed from the image and replaced by others multiple times.]

Rob [voiceover]: We're targeting a gene that has thousands of copies and we're using the NEAR reaction or the nicking enzyme amplification reaction which is an isothermal event so it foregoes the cycling event and allows you to obtain and result real time within 18 minutes.

Preetha: The target analyte is detected using a molecular beacon probe which is measured real-time as a fluorescence signal and you can see that.

Rob: We've examined numerous surface types including ceramic, stainless steel, sealed concrete, rubber and plastic. All of which showed successful recovery at very low CFUs.

[A table of results is displayed titled "Effects of Food Industry Sanitizers/Disinfectants on Listeria Right Now Assay".

Sample ID # swab LRN assays positive negative invalid
No Listeria organism on the surface
10% bleach 7 14 0 14 0
Mandate Plus 7 14 0 14 0
Ster-Bact 7 14 0 14 0
negative control 3 6 0 6 0
With Listeria spp. on the surface
XY-12 4 8 8 0 0
Mandate Plus 4 8 8 0 0
Water control 4 8 7 1 0


Our results from the sanitization assays showed that there are no interferences found from residual sanitizers present on the surface.

[Rob Donofrio sitting in chair.]

In order to validate the results that we observed internally we commissioned NSF international to perform an independent evaluation of Listeria Right Now kit on stainless steel.

[A table of results is displayed titled "Table 4. Environmental surface study results for Listeria monocytogenes and background organisms on stainless steel."

Level Theoretical inoculum (cfu/swab) Sample Number LRN Positive % LRN Positive Culture Positive % Culture Positive dPOD w/ 95% conf limits
Negative 0 5 0 0% 0 0% 0 (-0.43, 0.43)
Positive >100 5 5 100% 5 100% 0 (-0.43, 0.43)
L1 3 15 14 93% 9 60% 0.33 (-0.03, 0.58)
L2 9 15 15 100% 15 100% -0.07 (-0.30, 0.15)
L3 22.5 15 15 100% 15 100% 0 (-0.20, 0.20)


And the NSF study found that: "No false negatives, false positives or invalids were observed during this study. The data illustrates that under the conditions employed in the study, Listeria Right Now is as sensitive as the enrichment-based culture reference method for the detection of L. monocytogenes on a stainless steel surface."

[Rob Donofrio sitting in chair.]

What makes me excited about Listeria Right Now is the time to results and the ease of use. The clients will no longer need that 24 hour plus enrichment time. They can do immediate sampling and they can have confidence that they have a very specific assay that's going to target the Listeria species within their environment.

[The man at the desk from the beginning addresses the camera.]

Man at Desk: It's clear that Listeria Right Now is a true breakthrough in of iron mental monitoring. It allows you to adopt the seek-and-destroy approach that leads to a healthier facility while lowering the risk to your customers and your business.

To discuss how Listeria Right Now can benefit your facility contact your Neogen representative today.


TITLE: Neogen® Listeria Right Now, Environmental Listeria detection. Enrichment-free results in under 1 hour. For more information, visit our website or call: 800-234-5333. http://foodsafety.neogen.com/en/listeria-right-now


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