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February 08, 2022

With over 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing ELISA test kits, substrates, and reagents, Neogen® provides industry-leading life science and toxicology solutions and support for dependable and reliable results every time.


Video Transcript

[Uplifting music]

[A sweeping view of a busy laboratory with scientists working.]

SUPERIMPOSE: Immunoassay and toxicology solutions

[A woman in a white lab coat looking through a microscope.]

SUPERIMPOSE: supporting research laboratories.

[An 8-channel pipettor fills microwells in a test tray.]

SUPERIMPOSE: Substrates for immunoassay production.

[An machine fills multiple vials for production.]

SUPERIMPOSE: Custom fill and packaging

[An 8-channel pipettor fills microwells in a test tray.]

SUPERIMPOSE: produced in ISO registered facilities.

[A machine tests microwells in a test tray.]

SUPERIMPOSE: Tests for drugs of abuse

[A purple-gloved hand holds a test tube with hair in solution.]

SUPERIMPOSE: supporting forensic toxicology

[Flashing strobe lights on top of a police car.]

SUPERIMPOSE: criminal justice

[A heavily trafficed interstate with cars and trucks.]

SUPERIMPOSE: enhancing public safety

[Six horses race out of the gate with jockeys astride them.]

SUPERIMPOSE: animal sport integrity.

[Sample is inserted into a NeoSal vial for testing.]

SUPERIMPOSE: Workplace drug screening

[Employees in suits share reports and talk. A forklift drives through a large warehouse.]

SUPERIMPOSE: for a safer work environment.

[A pregnant woman sits on an exam table discussing results with a female doctor in a white lab coat.]

SUPERIMPOSE: Human milk and meconium tests

[A sleeping newborn holds an adults finger.]

SUPERIMPOSE: supporting infant health.

[A scientist looks down at his tests. Two scientists work on a test.]

SUPERIMPOSE: Your people-focused partner

[ A group of analysts point to a computer screen discussing results.]

SUPERIMPOSE: committed to your success.

[ A doctor speaks to an elderly patient. Employees walk through a warehouse. A doctor smiles as the patient laughs in relief. A family of three, mother holding a child, walks on a small town sidewalk. A doctor smiles while examining a happy infant.]

SUPERIMPOSE: This is why it matters.


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