How Turnaround Time Works for Cattle Genomic Testing Samples

May 25, 2023

Listen in as Kenny Stauffer, Director of Commercial Bovine, for Neogen® talks about turnaround time for our Cattle Genomics test samples. He explains the average turnaround time that producers can expect for their genomics samples.


Video Transcript


TITLE CARD: Frequently asked questions on the process of genetic testing presented by Neogen®.

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TITLE CARD: Explain how turnaround time works for samples.

[Waist Up shot of Kenny Stauffer, Director of Commercial Bovine]

SUPERIMPOSE: Kenny Stauffer, Director of Commercial Bovine

Kenny Stauffer: How turnaround time works for samples, that’s a broad question, but we can narrow it down.

Kenny Stauffer: It really depends on the product that you’re ordering, you look at Igenity Feeder, you look at our Igenity Select, those tests all have a guaranteed 17-day turnaround as long as certain metrics are made.

Kenny Stauffer: For the majority, we really strive to be that three to four weeks.

Kenny Stauffer: Based on time of year, we get overran early in the spring, but for the rest of the time three to four weeks is a very standard doable turnaround time for our producers.

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[Close up of technician taking lab coat off rack and entering into the lab]


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