DSX | Replacing the Absorbance Module Lamp

May 06, 2021

This video will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install or replace an absorbance lamp for a Dynex DSX instrument.

Video Transcript


TITLE: DSX - Replacing the Absorbance Module Lamp

Narrator: Turn the instrument off in order to disengage the motor. Before attempting to remove the module.

Allow the instrument to cool for at least five minutes to prevent injury. The module casing and bulb may be hot.

Use a hex key, also known as an allen wrench, to loosen the screws of the absorbance module.

Gently remove the entire module from the instrument and place on a clean flat surface.

Remove the filter bulb access panel from the rear of the instrument by unscrewing the two screws located on the back of the panel.

Once open, locate the bulb. Be careful when removing the access panel as there is a possibility that the bulb may have broken.

Put on a pair of gloves before attempting to touch the bulb to avoid skin oils from damaging the lamp and also as a precaution should the glass bulb accidentally break in your hand.

Using your gloved fingers or a pair of plastic tweezers, grasp and pull the bulb out from its receptacle.

You may need to use a gloved finger to guide the bulb out and prevent it from bumping into the metal side walls of the enclosure during removal.

Grasp the new replacement Dynex bulb and align the tines with the corresponding holes in the lamp socket.

Firmly insert the bulb into the socket and replace the filter access panel and screws.

Slide the module back onto the instrument and tighten the screws completely.

Please contact Neogen if you have any questions about the routine maintenance for the DSX unit.