DSX | Daily Maintenance

May 06, 2021

This video will outline the Neogen® recommended daily maintenance for a Dynex DSX instrument.

Video Transcript


After turning the instrument on, a series of self-tests will be conducted. Upon completion of these self-tests you will have the opportunity to check the results on your monitor. If all tests conducted pass then the instrument is ready.

Wash bottle A will need to be checked for adequate amounts of wash buffer and if needed diluted wash buffer will need to be added.

Wash bottle D will need to be checked for adequate amounts of DI water and if needed DI water will need to be added.

The tip waste container will need to be checked for waste and emptied after every run.

Before beginning any runs on the instrument, it is recommended that the Wash Check Maintenance protocol be performed to check for any washer clogs.

To do this run a new work list and select your wash protocol assay.

Click through the instructions putting your wash plate on the instrument when prompted.

Once the run has started observe the washer to confirm that all of the wells are being filled.

Note that if no fluid is dispensing from a nozzle or if there is less fill volume in one or more rows this indicates that the wash array is clogged.

Once the run is completed, remove the plate from the instrument and inspect the plate verifying that no fluid has been left in the wells.

Upon completion of your instrumental runs wipe the pipettor with 70 percent alcohol solution in order to wipe away any contaminant from the pipetting arm.



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