Culture Media Training Academy: Weighing and Handling of Dehydrated Culture Media

September 16, 2019

An important aspect of preparing culture media is the weighing and handling of the powder. Learn best practices to correctly prepare your media.

Video Transcript

An important step in the preparation of dehydrated culture media is the weighing and handling of the powder.

As with all product handling, appropriate personal protective equipment should be worn: gloves, facemask. These tools are necessary due to toxic or harmful substances within the product.

Always referred to the manufacturer's safety data sheets and instructions for use for further instructions and information.

When weighing out dehydrated culture media it is important to ensure the vessels, containers used for weighing, and other utensils are clean and dry.

Also, weighing equipment and instruments should be calibrated and within the service time.

Being careful not to spill any of the powder, or shake the container whilst open, transfer the correct amount recommended by the instructions for use into a weighing vessel.

If several products are being weighed out, different, clean utensils are to be used to prevent cross-contamination of products.

Accuracy is key. Overweighing or underweighing can be a serious problem, as, once reconstituted, specific components will exist and the wrong concentration levels within the media.

A good example are selective antibiotics, leading to a failure to inhibit flora if underweight or becoming too selective and reducing recoveries if overweight.


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