Culture Media Training Academy: Re-hydration and Addition of Supplements

September 17, 2019

Understand the process of rehydrating and adding supplements for your lab research.

Video Transcript

Aseptic rehydration in addition of your supplement is essential.

Always refer to the supplement safety data sheets and instructions for use to observe health and safety warnings, requirements for personal protective equipment and reconstitution instructions including fill volume and the required element to do so (for example, sterile water or 50% ethanol solution).

Using aseptic techniques in a laminar flow cabinet for post-sterilization additions, reconstitute the supplement as required. Certain supplements may require several minutes to fully dissolve or require unique process steps such as gently warming as we do with our BCYE growth support.

Once reconstituted, allow the supplement to reach room temperature to avoid temperature shock which can lead to precipitate.

The supplement should be added as soon as possible after reconstitution.

Add to the tempered media, commonly at 47 degrees Celsius, and thoroughly mix.

Once thoroughly mixed, please dispense into the finals containers as soon as possible.

Once supplement has been added, refer to the specification sheets of the media for storage conditions and shelf times.


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