Culture Media Training Academy: Pre-Poured Plate Manufacturing

September 11, 2019

Take a behind-the-scenes look at Neogen’s pre-poured plate manufacturing facilities.

Video Transcript

At Neogen Heywood, home of Neogen Culture Media, we manufacture an ever-expanding range of pre-poured agar plates to detect a wide variety of pathogens and spoilage organisms including Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella.

This is our ISO Class 7 cleanroom and houses our M4000 automated plate pouring equipment.

Our equipment has the ability to make in excess of 4,000 plates per hour.

Plates are manufactured through six lines ensuring a constant supply..

Plates are filled and moved along line to be dried and labeled.

The plates are labeled with a product code, lot number, time of manufacture and expiry date. This provides traceability to the previously QC tested dehydrated culture media used through our system.

The plates are stacked and moved along for packaging.

Film wrapping is used to minimize moisture loss and optimize the life of the product.

Plates are then boxed and stored in our large refrigerator before they are ready to be shipped.

Our pre-poured plates are all QC tested under Neogen's UKAS accreditation.

Our media is first tested as dehydrated culture media and again after the plates are poured. Therefore, they are tested twice to make sure that they go beyond the industry's high standards.


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