Tech Tip | Calibrating the AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation System

October 08, 2021

Andy Bohannon explains the importance of calibrating the AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation system.

Video Transcript

A common question Neogen® receives from our customers is, "why is calibration important?," and specifically to the AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation system.

Calibration is important because of audits and customer requirements that you as a processing facility have to meet. It is also important for internal standard operating procedures, as well as the equipment's health.

Neogen recommends calibration once a year, but please follow your company's procedure and recommendations. For confirmation of calibration, customers may use product 9912, Neogen's Electronic Control Kit for the AccuPoint Advanced Next Generation system. You can use this to check calibration of your device daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

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