Bomaz Farms Genomic Testing

February 14, 2023

Bob Zwald of Bomaz Farms talks about the future of genomics testing in the dairy industry, and how Neogen® Igenity® dairy products, Essential and Select, are driving the future of the dairy industry.


Video Transcript


[Medium shot of a speckled dairy cow in a free stall barn]

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Bob Zwald: We’ve really shortened the genetic interval, by a lot.

[Close up of Dairy Cow’s face]


[Waist Up shot of Bob Zwald, co-owner of Bomaz Farms, and a line of cows rotating in milk production behind him]

SUPERIMPOSE: Bob Zwald: Bomaz Farms

Bob Zwald: It used to be, you had to wait until the cow was in production, it was about a three-year process to get the actual information.

[skyview drone footage of the front of Bomaz Farms]

Bob Zwald: For the last ten years, we’ve broken our farm into enterprise and our genetic enterprise has always been profitable.

[skyview drone footage of the back of Bomaz Farms]


[wide shot looking down the feed lane with cows in a free stall barn]

[close up of Cows in the feed lane]

[Waist Up shot of Bob Zwald]

Bob Zwald: I think the future for Genomics testing for the industry is really positive,

[medium shot of Cows resting]

[rack focus from the back of the free stall barn to cows in the feed lane]

Bob Zwald: I think as our margins get tighter, its very important that we invest our growing cost into the right heffers.

[Waist Up shot of Bob Zwald]

Bob Zwald: and Neogen gives us some tools to know which animals are more valuable and how to use them more appropriately.

[drone shot of a time-lapse of clouds passing over Bomaz farms facility]

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