AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation | Take Control of Your Sanitation Monitoring Program

November 22, 2021

Make better decisions faster with RFID technology, our best-in-class surface sampler, and software that enables trustworthy data.

Video Transcript

At Neogen®, we don't just build devices. We craft solutions that deliver assurance. AccuPoint® Advanced Next Generation: the new era of sanitation monitoring.

Today’s fast-paced production environment requires you to make better decisions faster. Our software helps you document your efforts and create a safer food environment. Our built-in RFID antenna quickly recalls pre-loaded testing locations.

Outdated devices that force you to use the same swab regardless of the surface compromise your operation. Our water samplers, access samplers, and best-in-class surface samplers ensure the right tool for every surface. Because when it comes to detecting ATP, do you want to just swab, or collect a sample?

Our proprietary flathead sampler collects ATP more consistently than the competition. Some readers sacrifice reliability for results that come too quickly to be accurate. Our instrument gathers and averages multiple samples at a stage where accuracy and repeatability may make or break your operation.

Empower your team with software that extracts actionable value from your data to identify issues early on. Gain new perspectives with Neogen Analytics Insights: a breakthrough, cloud-based application that automates your monitoring process, enabling trustworthy data and smoother audits.

Now that you’ve glimpsed the new era of sanitation monitoring, do you really want to go back to this?


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