AccuPoint® Advanced – A New Level of Clean

May 16, 2019

NEOGEN’s AccuPoint® Advanced system provides confidence in your cleaning through advanced ATP-based cleaning verification.

Video Transcript

AccuPoint Advanced is the first ATP sanitation verification system to have received AOAC approval.


NEOGEN's AccuPoint Advanced system takes your sanitation monitoring program to a new level of clean.

ATP [adenoosine triphosphate] is an energy currency molecule found in all living cells including bacteria, yeasts and molds, and product residue.

When ATP reacts with the luciferin and enzyme luciferase in an AccuPoint sampler, it produces light that is measured by the system's reader.

The AccuPoint Advanced system helps personnel quickly verify that surfaces are truly clean by providing ATP detection results in less than twenty seconds.

The AccuPoint Advanced system features:

  • Third-party validated best-in-class samplers to more consistently collect ATP left behind after sanitation efforts,
  • a compact instrument to detect any residues collected by the samplers and
  • updated Data Manager software to better organize and analyze the system's test results

ATP is not uniformly distributed on surfaces after cleaning so it's essential to use a system that can both recover and detect ATP from surfaces and rinse water samples.

As key decisions are made based on testing results, using a system that accurately measures ATP levels is critically important.

AccuPoint Advanced is the best system available for recovering ATP.

AccuPoint Advanced results are reported as relative light units, or RLU, and its unique RLU scale allows for higher resolution across a broad range.

Using the system's Data Manager software to review results can help detect slight changes in ATP levels.

Sanitation monitoring is even easier when using the AccuPoint Advanced system with optional radio frequency identification, or RFID, technology.

Coupled with AccuPoint Advanced Data Manager software, the system saves facilities resources that otherwise would be devoted to developing complex and time-consuming test plans.

With AccuPoint Advanced and it's software, it's easy to create a sanitation plan and sync it to the reader.

Once synced, swiping the reader over an RFID tag automatically populates the test site information.

The AccuPoint Advanced system with improved sampler chemistry, faster results, and powerful software, is the best system to recover, detect, and track ATP levels.

NEOGEN's AccuPoint Advanced system: Take your sanitation monitoring program to a new level of clean.

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