2020 Capstone Report

January 21, 2021

Here's the 2020 Capstone Report, our analysis of the mycotoxin occurrence and relevant weather conditions during this year's growing and harvest season. We collected confirmed mycotoxin reports from numerous industry sources of high-risk levels that concern human or animal foods to keep producers of all kinds well informed throughout the year.

The 2020 Capstone Report covers:

  • This year's mycotoxin trends
  • Key weather occurrences
  • This year's data in comparison to previous years'

Watch the attached video for in-depth details about this year's trends and learn how they played a role in the 2020 harvest season. Thank you for your continued support!


We welcome your feedback on our 2020 Capstone Report and Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Reports! We appreciate your participation and hope you find these reports valuable.

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A Special Thank You

Thank you for your interest in our mycotoxin reports throughout the growing and harvest season. And a special thank you to the customers, industry partners, and guest experts whose contributions make our reports possible. Please contact our Milling and Grain industry specialists with any questions about grain quality and how NEOGEN can help.