Neogen® Petrifilm® Certification Training Webinar

February 14, 2024

About the Webinar

Neogen® Petrifilm® Plate methods are applied in food and beverage testing laboratories worldwide and are proven to be consistent, reliable, and accurate microbial indicator test methods. While many familiar with food microbiology have used Petrifilm Plates, ongoing refresher training is a good practice to help ensure that your teams maintain a current understanding of methods and processes, as well as meet accreditation requirements, such as ISO 17025:2017.

Neogen food safety experts Annie Simmons and Grant Hedblom provided a technical training on Petrifilm Plate technology and reviewed procedures and best practices for using the plates.

What was covered:

  • Important considerations for sample preparation
  • Best practices when using Petrifilm Plates
  • Interpretation of plates in a variety of scenarios
  • Calculating results from Petrifilm Plates
  • When to use Rapid Petrifilm Plates versus Standard Petrifilm Plates

To receive your Petrifilm Training Certificate, please complete a minimum of 45 minutes of the presentation. The certification will then automatically be generated in the ON24 console for you to obtain the completion certificate.

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About the Speakers

Annie Simmons

Annie Simmons – Field Application Scientist, Neogen

Annie is a Field Application Scientist for Neogen® Petrifilm® Plates. With over 10 years of industry experience as a technical services representative, Annie uses her expertise in microbiology, quality assurance, and food safety to assist food processors with test method implementation and advanced food safety applications. She also works with industry regulators to help ensure best practices in method implementation. Annie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from Minnesota State University.

Grant Hedblom, PhD, Microbiology Product Specialist, Neogen

Grant is a Microbiology Product Specialist for Neogen with a focus on food safety products, Neogen® Petrifilm® Plates, and the Soleris® Next Generation System. Grant uses his experience in microbiology, food science education, and curriculum development to assist food processors with applied food safety and test method development and implementation. Grant combines his experience with customers and academic background to bridge the gaps between theory and practical applications of food safety concepts. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.


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