Table Talk by Neogen - Importance of Parentage Verification

July 24, 2020

DNA based parentage determination has helped to accelerate genetic improvement for decades by increasing the accuracy of the animal’s known pedigree. Misidentification of an animal’s parents can lead to errors in selected matings, reduces the advancement of genetic gain, and can ultimately lead to profit loss.

Learn how Neogen® can help you select the elite animals within the breeding group with absolute confidence. Neogen’s lab provides a speedy and efficient parentage testing service for evaluating the animal’s DNA for accurate parentage determination.

Neogen’s lab uses Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) technology to genetically “fingerprint” each animal at more than 100 chromosomal locations. The animal’s unique genetic fingerprint can be evaluated with the fingerprint of its expected parents by utilizing the knowledge that half of the animal’s genetic information was inherited from the sire (father) and the other half from the dam (mother). Discrepancies in the inheritance pattern would suggest that an animal’s reputed parent would likely be incorrect. This SNP technology enables a higher level of accuracy in parentage testing for cattle, dogs, sheep, and pigs.


Bob Weaber – Professor/Cow-Calf Extension Specialist at Kansas State University

Bob Weaber's nationally recognized extension programming has resulted in more than 145 publications and more than $13 million from 42 awards of grants and gifts for research and extension programming. Weaber's extension program leadership has been recognized with MU Provost's Innovative Extension Programming by New Faculty, the MU CAFNR J.W. Burch State Extension Specialist Award, and the Beef Improvement Federation's Continuing Service Award.

Weaber grew up on a cow-calf operation in southern Colorado and went on to earn a BS in animal science followed by a Master of Agriculture degree in the Beef Industry Leadership Program at Colorado State University. He completed his doctoral studies in the Animal Breeding and Genetics Group at Cornell University. While there, he served as the Interim Director of Performance Programs for the American Simmental Association for three and a half years. Previously, Weaber was Director of Education and Research at the American Gelbvieh Association. Bob, his wife, Tami, and their young children, Maddie, Cooper, and Wyatt, reside near Wamego, KS.

Leoma Wells – Data Management & DNA Consultant, Neogen

Leoma Wells is the Strategic Account Manager at Neogen. She primarily interfaces with beef breed associations, specialty organizations, and seedstock clients. Leoma is passionate about increasing the adoption of genomic technology across the beef industry and has assisted breed associations with designing and implementing research projects to help achieve this goal. It was during her time at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo while living/working at the beef unit that Leoma discovered her love for genetics and technology.

Working at Neogen has allowed her to engage with producers, regardless of their breed affiliation, and provide insight on how they can incorporate DNA and genomic testing technology to reach their herd's genetic progress and potential at a faster rate. When she's not in front of a computer or on the road, you will find Leoma spending time with her husband out on a golf course, camping, or hiking with their two dogs, Tulsa and Deetz. Leoma resides in beautiful Bozeman, MT.

Clint Mefford – Growth Strategy Manager, Neogen

Raised on a sixth-generation diversified farm and ranch in southern Oregon, Clint Mefford serves as the Growth Strategy Manager for Neogen Genomics. Clint earned a bachelor's degree in animal science and a master's in Agricultural Communications from Oklahoma State University, where he was both a member and an assistant coach of multiple national champion livestock judging teams. Clint's experience in beef cattle marketing ranges from his time as an educator in Oklahoma to serving as Director of Communications for the American Angus Association, the world's largest single beef breed organization. Today Clint leads marketing and communication strategies for all genomic products and solutions by working closely with product managers and sales in a diverse range of industries.



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