Megazyme - Diagnostic Solutions for Enzyme Manufacturers Brochure

October 04, 2022

Measurement of enzyme activity is vital for the effective use and characterisation of enzyme preparations, as well as the development of new enzyme preparations that showcase enhanced properties. The Megazyme range offers outstanding expertise with excellent solutions for measuring and analysing enzymatic activity. Our products can be used to measure purified enzymes and many of our products can also be used to measure specific enzyme activities in complex matrices such as animal feed, and raw materials for food preparations.

Our Megazyme range of assay kits, convenient tablet tests and carbohydrate substrates supports a broad range of customers needs ranging from large scale enzyme manufacturers to commerical labs, universities and individual researchers and scientists. 

Explore our U.S. and Canada brochure of our Megazyme Range of Diagnostic Solutions for Enzyme Manufacturers to learn more.

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