Best Practices for Effectively Implementing an ATP Sanitation Verification Program

October 01, 2017

In conjunction with NSF International, this industry best practices guide was developed to provide quality assurance managers, sanitarians and other hygiene/sanitation managers with simple, real-world best practices for implementing an ATP hygiene/sanitation monitoring programme that delivers optimal results. Topics covered include:

  • Validation and verification
  • Cleaning to a validated standard
  • Swabbing and establishing baselines
  • RLU’s as an indication of cleanliness
  • Migrating from validation to verification
  • Representative sampling
  • Pre-op Vs Post-op
  • Revalidation
  • Using the ATP test results to improve cleaning efficacy
  • Interpreting test results: what’s a “good” score
  • Sampling water
  • Complimentary environmental testing
  • Program extensions
  • Limitations and known interferences
  • Conclusions and summary

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