Hygiene Handbook

May 01, 2021

In conjunction with NSF International, this industry best practices guide was developed to provide quality assurance managers, sanitarians and other hygiene/sanitation managers with simple, real-world best practices for implementing an ATP hygiene/sanitation monitoring programme that delivers optimal results. Topics covered include:

  • Validation and verification
  • Cleaning to a validated standard
  • Swabbing and establishing baselines
  • RLU’s as an indication of cleanliness
  • Migrating from validation to verification
  • Representative sampling
  • Pre-op Vs Post-op
  • Revalidation
  • Using the ATP test results to improve cleaning efficacy
  • Interpreting test results: what’s a “good” score
  • Sampling water
  • Complimentary environmental testing
  • Program extensions
  • Limitations and known interferences
  • Conclusions and summary

Category: Handbooks, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Water, Environmental Monitoring, Sanitation & Hygiene, Water Treatment