Superior, Neogen launch Igenity Branded

April 30, 2020

CONTACTS: Clint Mefford, Neogen,
Beth Brian, Superior Livestock Auction,

LINCOLN, Neb., April 30, 2020 — Neogen Genomics and Superior Livestock Auction (SLA) have announced the launch of Igenity® Branded, a commercial beef certification program verified by a genomic test.

Developed in partnership with the team at SLA, Igenity Branded will offer two pathways for producers to market and differentiate their genomically tested cattle — terminal and maternal.

“We see this program as means to drive value of cattle tested with Igenity past the breeding and selection decision phase,” said Kenny Stauffer, Director of Beef Sales for Neogen. “For terminal-bound cattle we hope this creates premiums for target markets, and reduces risk for feeders. Meanwhile on the maternal side, this will also reduce the risk of unknown genetics, and allow cattlemen looking for replacements to really hone in on those females with more stayability, fertility and production traits.”

To qualify, cattle producers need to test at least 35% of their calf crop directly. From there, lots of cattle can be placed into one of three tiers to differentiate on sale day. These include elite, premier and choice.

  1. Elite – Best of the best. These calves rank genetically superior to 75% of Igenity tested cattle.
  2. Premier – The next level. Based on an Igenity profile, these calves rank in the top 50% for genomic merit geared towards end-product or maternal characteristics.
  3. Choice – Entry level tier. Calves have received a verified Igenity genomic profile.

The genetic ranking is powered by Igenity Beef — the industry’s first and only tool to measure genetic merit in commercial crossbred cattle. Now backed by the world’s largest multibreed genetic evaluation, cattlemen and women can be sure they are receiving the most accurate estimates possible.

“We have designed the Igenity terminal and maternal tiers to be based heavily on their respective indexes reported with Igenity Beef,” said Neogen’s Beef Product Manager, Jamie Courter, Ph.D. “The Igenity terminal qualifications are based on traits such as hot carcass weight, marbling, and other carcass characteristics that earn a premium. Similarly, the Igenity maternal qualifications are based on traits like stayability, heifer pregnancy and weaning weight that are key when it comes to selecting females that are going to make the best return on investment.”

SLA is the world’s leader in digital marketing as they market over 1.5 million cattle annually with a network of sales representatives of over 300. With an emphasis on value-added programs, SLA provides marketing services for all classes of cattle.

“Genomic terminal and maternal testing for crossbred commercial cattle can help our Superior Livestock consignors select the most valuable replacement heifers for their operation and needs as well as create premiums,” said Joe Lichtie, Vice President of Superior Livestock. “We at Superior Livestock are dedicated to helping our producers get more value for their cattle with less risk. Genetic testing is the next phase of helping commercial producers make informed and profitable decisions for their herd and Igenity has come to the table to make this happen.”

Igenity Branded cattle with be available on SLA auctions starting this spring. To learn how you can either enroll, or buy Igenity Branded cattle, go to to find the Superior representative in your area, or call 877.443.6489.

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