Neogen’s rapid Soleris test for total yeast and mold receives AOAC approval

April 16, 2009

CONTACT: Jeff Demey, Neogen Corporation, 517-372-9200

LANSING, Mich., April 16, 2009 — Neogen Corporation has received approval from the AOAC Research Institute for its rapid and accurate test for yeast and mold.

Neogen’s newly approved Soleris™ test (AOAC-RI No. 040901) detects yeast and mold in 72 hours or less—conventional methods can take up to 5 days. Neogen’s Soleris technology is now used by approximately 400 of the world’s largest food, nutraceutical, and personal care product manufacturers to detect indicator microbes, including yeast and mold, in a fraction of the time needed for traditional methods.

“Each time we receive a validation from an influential third party on any of our tests, it provides further assurance to our many customers that our tests perform as expected. We expect no less, and neither should our customers,” said Ed Bradley, Neogen’s vice president for Food Safety. “The Soleris yeast and mold test was shown to produce rapid and accurate results—allowing for significantly quicker product releases that improve profitability. Soleris provides unrivalled labor and sample handling efficiency, and easy and intuitive indicator microbe detection and enumeration.”

The Soleris system is a rapid optical method for the detection of microbial contamination based on an innovative application of classic microbiology. The optical assay measures microbial growth by monitoring gas production, pH, and other biochemical reactions that generate a color change as microorganisms grow and metabolize.

Using the Soleris system enables operators to easily identify, monitor, and map problematic spots in their facilities. The Soleris system features the quickest automated quality indicator system protocols. In addition to the yeast and mold test, Soleris tests provide:

  • Total viable count (TVC) results in as little as 6-8 hours; conventional methods take 24-48 hours
  • Coliform results in 9-10 hours; conventional methods take 24 hours
  • E. coli results in 7-10 hours; conventional methods take 24 hours or longer
  • Lactic bacteria results in 30-35 hours; conventional methods take 3-5 days

Neogen Corporation (Nasdaq: NEOG) develops and markets products dedicated to food and animal safety. The company’s Food Safety Division markets diagnostic test kits to detect foodborne bacteria, natural toxins, genetic modifications, food allergens, drug residues, plant diseases, and sanitation concerns, and dehydrated culture media.


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