Neogen Viroxide Super broad spectrum disinfectant launched

March 04, 2019

Press Release
CONTACT: Jo Rowbotham, Neogen Corporation, +44 (0) 1706 344 797

ROCHDALE, United Kingdom, 4 March, 2019 — Neogen announced today that it has added Neogen Viroxide Super disinfectant to the Neogen BioSecurity range.

Neogen Viroxide Super is a DEFRA-approved (FMD, SVD, General Orders), peroxygen-based disinfectant. It has an independently proven, non-resistant, oxidative chemistry to cause extensive damage to the protective mechanisms of microbial cells, giving optimum kill of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Neogen Viroxide Super has known chemistry benefits for emergency disease control accepted by governments worldwide.

Neogen Viroxide Super is effective in a wide range of temperatures, in hard water conditions, and in the presence of heavy organic matter. Product applications include disinfection of hard surfaces, equipment, livestock housing, vehicles and foot dips, and aerial fogging and misting applications as part of terminal and continual disinfection programmes.

The Neogen Viroxide Super range has updated packaging and new formulations to highlight the premium quality of these value-added disinfectant products for the poultry, pig, equine, livestock and veterinary sectors, as well as government organisations for emergency disease control.

Neogen BioSecurity is actively seeking distributors worldwide for Neogen Viroxide Super.

Neogen Viroxide Super was developed at Neogen’s facility in Rochdale and is manufactured in the United Kingdom. For more information, contact Neogen BioSecurity via e-mail or visit

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