Neogen simplifies dairy trait and genetic condition testing packages

December 18, 2017

Press Release
CONTACT: Laurel Mastro, Neogen Corporation, 402.435.0665

LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 18, 2017 — Neogen has launched a simplified and cost-effective method of ordering testing for multiple dairy genetic traits — all from a single sample.

Neogen’s new Igenity® dairy genomic services combine tests for related traits into one testing solution, including packages for milk protein variants, breeding stock traits, and deleterious genetic conditions. These new packages allow dairy genetic companies, breed associations, and producers around the globe to receive more information from just one sample.

“Our experience of working with dairy genomic testing customers has shown that multiple tests are often ordered on the same sample for traits that are related. For example, dairy samples are often tested for multiple genetic traits, such as A2 beta casein and horned-polled,” said Dr. Stewart Bauck, vice president of agrigenomics at Neogen. “By combining related traits into a package, we can make the ordering process easier for our customers, offer each test at a reduced price, and at the same time, provide much more information on the animal under investigation.”

The new testing packages now available through Neogen’s GeneSeek laboratory include:

  • Igenity Dairy Milk Protein Traits – Selection tool for milk protein management, including A2, kappa and AB beta casein, and beta lactoglobulin.
  • Igenity Dairy Breeding Stock Traits – Broad genomic screening bundle for breeding cattle selection, including milk proteins, embryonic lethals, and horned-polled.
  • Igenity Dairy Recessive Traits – Screening tool for genetic health, including brachyspina, BLAD, DUMPS, SMA, SDM, weaver syndrome, mulefoot, citrullinemia, and HCD.

Screening for a variety of traits and genetic conditions at the same time and from the same sample will allow for better management of deleterious recessives, as well as the proliferation of desirable traits in the dairy cattle population.

For more information, please visit or call 402.435.0665.

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