Neogen launches UNIPRIM® apple single-dose pouches

December 21, 2015

Press Release
CONTACT: Bethany Hatfield, Neogen Corporation, 859.254.1221

LEXINGTON, Ky., Dec. 21, 2015 — Neogen is proud to introduce a new method of administering its popular equine antibiotic. Apple-flavored UNIPRIM® is now available in a single-dose pouch. UNIPRIM is an FDA-approved, fast-acting, powerful antibiotic for horses that is labeled to treat a wide spectrum of bacterial infections.

“The great thing about UNIPRIM is it is a convenient, costeffective way to treat your horse,” said Neogen’s Equine Marketing Manager Laura Hadley. “Just open the pouch and pour it over your horse’s feed.” One single-dose pouch contains 37.5 grams of powder, which is enough to treat an 1,100-pound horse (the recommended dosage is 3.75 grams per 110 pounds). Single-dose pouches of UNIPRIM are also available in the product’s regular flavor.

UNIPRIM is a combination of 67 mg trimethoprim and 333 mg sulfadiazine per gram, which provides effective antibacterial activity. In addition to the new UNIPRIM apple-flavored pouches, Neogen is transitioning all UNIPRIM products from the Macleod brand to the Neogen®Vet brand. Neogen offers UNIPRIM in a variety of packaging options to meet veterinarian and horse owner needs — UNIPRIM 37.5 gram single-dose pouches, 200 gram jars, 1200 gram jars, 400 gram jars, and 2000 gram pails in both regular and apple flavors, and UNIPRIM 1125 gram pouch in regular flavor.

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