Neogen launches Ramik® Mole & Gopher for lawns and flower beds

March 01, 2016

Press Release
CONTACT: Stacy Dixon, Neogen Corporation, 859.254.1221

LEXINGTON, Ky., March 1, 2016 — With spring just a few weeks away, Neogen has launched a new rodenticide to help control the damage caused by moles and gophers to lawns and flower beds. Neogen’s new Ramik® Mole & Gopher rodenticide utilizes 0.005% diphacinone in the proven and effective Ramik green nugget bait form to control moles and gophers in below-ground applications under lawns and flower beds.

“Our new product extends the effectiveness of our Ramik product line for use against moles and gophers under lawns and flower beds,” said Neogen’s Stacy Dixon. “In many regions of the country, moles and gophers are common pests that can do major damage to lawns and landscaping. Moles can cause extensive damage to lawns with their mounds and burrows, and gophers can do the same to landscape plants by eating roots and pulling plants down into their tunnels.”

Ramik Mole & Gopher’s advanced food processing technology is used to produce an extremely palatable and highly-attractive bait that retains freshness, sweetness and effectiveness. The bait is weather-resistant without the wax and provides an attractive secondary food source for moles and gophers. Just one teaspoon treats an active burrow or tunnel.

Ramik Mole & Gopher is available in one pound jars that contain longhandled scoops that make it easy to apply the product into burrows and tunnels.

Contact Neogen for a complete list of applications and use directions or visit for a full specimen label.

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