Neogen launches new dairy hygiene range worldwide

September 25, 2018

Press Release
CONTACT: Jo Rowbotham, Neogen Corporation, +44 (0) 1706 344 797

ROCHDALE, United Kingdom, 25 September, 2018 — Neogen announced today that it has expanded its range of dairy hygiene products, including teat dips and sprays, CIP and bulk tank cleaners, hoofcare and dairy cleaning products.

Neogen BioSecurity’s range of teat dips and sprays are available for pre-milking, pre/post-milking, and post-milking. They are designed to help limit the transmission of mastitis-causing bacteria in dairy animals and to provide a high emollient content for teat protection and conditioning. The range includes products that are based on lactic acid, iodine, or a blend of both.

The Ultra Circ alkaline and Ultra Acid acid range of clean-in-place (CIP) and bulk tank cleaners are essential to thoroughly clean pipelines and bulk tanks, ensuring milk safety and quality. Within the range, there are specialist products designed for tanks, pipelines and robotic milking systems, to remove milk proteins and fats; and prevent and remove build-up of mineral deposits.

Specialist cluster flushing products can reduce the risk of mastitis caused by cross-contamination from infected milk residues on clusters. The cluster flush products by Neogen BioSecurity can be applied via automatic systems, using hand-held sprayers, or manual disinfection methods.

Hoofcare is provided by Hoofshield, a powerful blend of biocides and hoof hardeners for safe cleaning and disinfection of hooves, which delivers broad spectrum disinfectant and is formalin-free.

The dairy cleaning product range completes the comprehensive dairy hygiene solution by Neogen BioSecurity. The cleaning range is suitable for all hard surface disinfection in a dairy farm.

Featuring a new visual identity designed to reposition the brand to appeal to consumers, Neogen BioSecurity dairy hygiene products are available via distributors worldwide, and additional distributors are being sought. In the United Kingdom and Eire, the launch will be accompanied by an offer specifically targeting consumers, with a free milking apron for every order of a minimum of two 200 litre drums of Syno range teat dips or sprays purchased.

Neogen BioSecurity dairy hygiene products are developed and manufactured at Neogen’s facility in Rochdale, United Kingdom. For more information, contact Neogen BioSecurity via e-mail or visit

The Neogen BioSecurity business objective is to progress as a world-class dairy hygiene product supplier, accompanied by continuing investment in product quality, professional dairy hygiene partnerships with distributors and customers; and a commitment to quality.

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