Neogen launches GGP Bovine 50K for beef seedstock

February 01, 2017

Press Release
CONTACT: Stewart Bauck, DVM, Vice President, Agrigenomics, Neogen, 402.435.0665
Micah Wells, MS, PAS, beef genomics sales director, Neogen, 402.435.0665

LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. 1, 2017 — Neogen introduced the new GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler™ Bovine 50K (GGP 50K), a DNA test that uses the latest findings about gene markers to predict the genetic merit of seedstock cattle.

“Nine years after introduction of the original Illumina SNP50, a true second-generation product is now available,” said Dr. Stewart Bauck, vice president of agrigenomics at Neogen. “We have concentrated on including gene variants that have the greatest influence on economically important cattle traits. Over 10 years of genomics research is distilled in the new GGP 50K.”

The product is being rolled out to seedstock associations that use the test to generate Genomic-Enhanced Expected Progeny Differences (GE EPDs) for purebred cattle. The GGP 50K will replace the company’s GGP LD.

Like its predecessor, the GGP 50K contains a host of “causative” markers for a variety of economically relevant genetic health conditions, along with USDA and globally recognized parentage markers for Bos taurus and Bos indicus cattle. A design advance of the GGP 50K is the density, spacing and information content from single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) it measures along key regions of all 30 cattle chromosomes.

“We focus on measuring the gene markers that have the most impact on key traits that cattle inherit from their parents,” Bauck said. The introduction comes as breed associations are adopting “single-step” genomic predictions, which benefit from the added genetic information, he added.

Gene markers were selected primarily for Bos taurus breeds, while other markers were included for Bos indicus-influenced animals. The test also contains over 100 markers for genetic conditions. Some are common in cattle, while other rare markers are studied by researchers to assess their impact on performance and genetic diseases.

“Many of the world’s best animal scientists will use the GGP 50K to explore the frontiers of beef genomics and bring those findings to producers,” Bauck said. “By collaborating on genetic causes of physical variation in cattle, we will more rapidly bring this new information to producers,” he said.

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