Neogen launches EVO phosphate-free agricultural cleaners

September 26, 2018

Press Release
CONTACT: Katlyn Connelly, Neogen Corporation, 859.254.1221

LEXINGTON, Ky., Sept. 26, 2018 — Neogen Corporation announced today that it has developed an effective line of phosphate-free and biodegradable cleaners for a wide variety of agricultural applications.

Neogen’s new environmentally friendly line of cleaners includes Acid-A-Foam™ EVO, Chlor-A-Foam™ EVO and Acid Tray Wash EVO, each of which will primarily be used by the poultry industry in hatchery areas, and Farm-Foam EVO — which is intended for general farm cleaning in facilities for all species.

“We developed our EVO line in response to the evolving preferences of the industries we serve toward sustainable, more environmentally friendly products,” said Neogen’s Katlyn Connelly. “Many of our customers have expressed their desire to use phosphate-free cleaners that include biodegradable detergents. We’re very pleased to announce that our new EVO cleaner formulations are phosphate-free and biodegradable — with the same product efficacy and performance as our traditional formulations.”

The new products include:

  • Acid-A-Foam EVOAcid-A-Foam EVO is a phosphate-free, acidic foaming cleaner used as a foaming alternative to regular hatchery, equipment or barn cleaners to remove detergent residues, mineral scale and other hard-to-remove elements.
  • Chlor-A-Foam EVOChlor-A-Foam EVO Hatchery and Equipment Cleaner is a phosphate-free, high-foaming alkaline cleaner that rapidly removes protein, fat and carbohydrate soils from surfaces, as well as stubborn yellow stains.
  • Acid Tray Wash EVOAcid Tray Wash EVO is an acidified, phosphate-free, non-foaming cleaner for washing trays, plastic chick boxes, egg cases, and filler flats in automatic tray washers. It is also an excellent acidic rinse and equipment descaler.
  • Farm-Foam EVOFarm-Foam EVO is a phosphate-free, foaming, alkaline cleaner used for the removal of organic soils, especially fats and grease. It is ideal for the removal of fecal material and soil in swine and poultry premises, hatcheries, and other animal confinement facilities.

Neogen offers a broad range of cleaners and animal disinfectant products that are formulated to provide the highest quality chemistries and broadest efficacy for use in all types of animal care premises, ranging from production livestock rearing to companion animal veterinary clinics.

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