Neogen Launches Enhanced Genomic Test for Cats

June 13, 2023

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Lincoln, Neb., June 13, 2023 — Neogen® Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) announced today that it has launched My CatScan™ 2.0, a significantly upgraded and improved version of the test from a leader in genetic screening for cats.

With the addition of 39 new diseases and genetic traits, My CatScan 2.0 is the latest genetic screening designed exclusively for cats, now offering information on more than 120 genetic health conditions. The test is designed to be a hassle-free experience for both feline companions and owners, utilizing a simple, noninvasive cheek swab method.

“At Neogen, we are committed to revolutionizing feline health through comprehensive genomic screening,” said Dr. Robert Westra, Associate Medical Director at Neogen. “With the expanded analysis provided by My CatScan 2.0, we provide cat parents, feline breeders, and veterinarians with a greater depth of knowledge to provide insights about the health and well-being of their feline companions.”

My CatScan 2.0 also delivers insights tailored to specific needs. Results can be categorized by breed, organ system, symptoms, or other factors, providing valuable information to make informed decisions about a cat’s health.

Every cat, regardless of age or breed, can benefit from a deeper understanding of their genetic health. Genetic testing provides a number of advantages for cat owners, breeders, and veterinarians alike, including:

  • Responsible Breeding Practices: Breeders can gain insight into selecting the best mate for desired coat colors in a litter. Breeders using My CatScan 2.0 can contribute to healthier feline populations and promote responsible breeding practices by using genetic screening to avoid production of kittens with genetic diseases.
  • Proactive Disease Management: My CatScan 2.0 provides valuable genetic insights that allow for the proactive care of a cat by addressing treatable diseases. Early detection can make a significant difference in a cat’s overall well-being.
  • Future Medical Preparedness: By anticipating potential medical issues and being proactive in understanding a cat’s future needs, owners, breeders, and veterinarians can make informed decisions without incurring expenses associated with costly diagnostic procedures.

My CatScan 2.0 is now available for purchase via For more information, please contact Neogen’s customer success team at or call 509.483.5950.

About Neogen

Neogen Corporation develops and markets comprehensive solutions dedicated to food and animal safety, operating with the intention to “Every day, protect the people and animals we care about.” The Company’s Food Safety segment markets dehydrated culture media and diagnostic test kits to detect foodborne bacteria, natural toxins, food allergens, drug residues, plant diseases, and sanitation concerns. Neogen’s Animal Safety segment is a leader in the development of genomic solutions along with the manufacturing and distribution of a variety of animal healthcare products, including diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, veterinary instruments, wound care, and disinfectants, as well as rodent and insect control solutions.


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