Neogen launches DeciMax® Place Packs and Blocks

September 27, 2018

Press Release
CONTACT: Kimberly Wilson, Neogen Corporation, 859.254.1221

LEXINGTON, Ky., Sept. 27, 2018 — Neogen today announced the addition of DeciMax® Place Packs and Blocks — a proven effective and all-weather rodenticide bait now available in multiple product formats.

DeciMax Place Packs and Blocks use the active ingredient bromadiolone, a second generation anticoagulant, to effectively control rats, mice and meadow voles. DeciMax Place Packs offer no-touch bait placement, and DeciMax Blocks feature ridges to promote gnawing. These two new presentations are joining the already popular DeciMax Soft Bait, which is a highly palatable and weather resistant soft bait.

“DeciMax uses bromadiolone, a single-feed, second-generation anticoagulant, to provide excellent control after a lethal dose is consumed,” said Neogen’s Senior Biosecurity Product Manager Stacy Dixon. “The products’ all-weather block formulation reduces the risk of ruined bait, while food grade ingredients provide an irresistible formulation for effective control in most indoor and outdoor environments.”

DeciMax’s extremely palatable formula includes food grade ingredients, and is available in 1 ounce blocks and 1.5 ounce place packs. The active ingredient bromadiolone has been shown effective in the control of rats, mice and meadow voles, which may consume a lethal dose in a single night’s feeding, with the first dead rodents appearing four or five days after feeding begins. DeciMax Blocks are available in 9 and 18 pound pails and the Place Packs are available in an 8 pound pail. DeciMax Soft Bait is available in 8 and 22 pound pails. The DeciMax family of products is recommended to be used in the Neogen Rotational Baiting Program.

Neogen’s complete line of rodenticides also includes Havoc® brodifacoum-based products, Ramik® diphacinone-based products, CyKill™ bromethalin-based products and Prozap® zinc phosphide products. Neogen rodenticides are available in a variety of formats, including blocks, bars, pellets, place packs, soft bait, tracking powder and meal bait.

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