Neogen launches COMPANION™ veterinary clinic biosecurity products

March 27, 2017

Press Release
CONTACT: Katlyn Connelly, Neogen Corporation, 859.254.1221

LEXINGTON, Ky., March 27, 2017 — Neogen is pleased to introduce its line of COMPANION™ disinfecting products specifically formulated for the effective cleaning and disinfection of veterinary practices, animal care facilities, and animal laboratories.

Neogen’s new line of disinfecting products includes COMPANION Cleaner-Disinfectant, Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipes. When used in combination, the products can help safeguard the health of animal facility patients, clients and staff by limiting the spread and impact of infectious agents.

“A total biosecurity program must examine all methods of preventing disease, as well as control of disease outbreaks,” said Dr. Joe Lyman, Neogen’s professional services veterinarian. “Effective cleaners and disinfectants, hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes can be essential elements of a total biosecurity program.”

Neogen’s new COMPANION disinfecting products include:

  • COMPANION Cleaner-Disinfectant. COMPANION Cleaner-Disinfectant is a dual active cleaner-disinfectant designed to be effective against a broad spectrum of organisms, including Canine parvovirus. It is used at a cost-effective 1/2 ounce dilution, and includes a convenient 1/2 ounce dispensing pump. COMPANION Cleaner-Disinfectant also is a neutral pH product with a fresh scent that is non-irritating to personnel, non-corrosive to equipment, and will not peel paint or other floor finishes.
  • COMPANION Hand Sanitizer. COMPANION Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria on contact that doesn’t leave behind a scent. Its thick, rich foam dries instantly, but doesn’t dry your skin and contains a skin conditioning emollient. Its precisely metered pumps eliminate inconvenient spills, and 7 ounce size can also be easily transported in vehicles — and kept in areas where water is not readily available.
  • COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes. COMPANION Disinfectant Wipes effectively kill 99% of germs, including Canine parvovirus and Feline calicivirus. The wipes are ready to use and effectively clean, disinfect and control odor in one step, and leave behind a fresh citrus scent.

All COMPANION products will be available in April. For more information on these products, and other animal safety products from Neogen, visit

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