Neogen launches Bovi-Rub insecticide applicator products

December 14, 2015

Press Release
CONTACT: Katherine Wheatley, Neogen Corporation, 859.254.1221

LEXINGTON, Ky., Dec. 14, 2015 — Neogen has just made effectively applying the best available insecticides on cattle a little easier. Neogen has introduced the Prozap® Bovi-Rub backrubber and complementary accessories. When combined with Prozap’s proven line of insecticides, Bovi-Rub is the best choice to control flies, ticks, and other troublesome insects. The Bovi-Rub works by requiring cattle to pass underneath it, and by doing so, rubbing a dose of insecticide on the animal.

Once an insecticide is applied to the Bovi-Rub, it is hung in high traffic areas — generally in between gates, or near feed and water areas. The “low stress” nature of the product comes from the lack of handling involved. No need to gather the cattle and apply an insecticide, they simply get to pass through on their own time.

“Our search for an even easier method for cattlemen to apply our Prozap insecticides led to this introduction of our Bovi-Rub products,” said Neogen’s Katherine Wheatley. “There is no easier method of applying insecticide than having cattle apply it on themselves by rubbing against one of our Bovi-Rub applicators.”

In addition to the Bovi-Rub, which is available in 5- and 10-foot versions, Neogen also offers Bovi-Bullet and Bovi-Strips. Bovi-Bullets are designed to be hung from mineral or creep feeders, or any other area in which cattle place their head. Bovi-Bullets have a metal ring in one end and can be hung by rope or wire in a desired area.

Once cattle rub their heads on the bullet, the insecticide is released to help control insects. Bovi-Strips are designed to tie onto the Bovi-Rub and act as a wick for the insecticide solution to penetrate the head, neck and facial area of cattle. Strips can be tied onto the device, once it is hung in a desired area. Simply place the Bovi-Rub in between the two ends of the strip and tied in several knots. These wicks will absorb solution from the Bovi-Rub to be dispensed once cattle pass underneath.

For a video demonstration of how Bovi-Rub works, click here.

For best results, Neogen recommends using environmentally friendly Prozap Insectrin® CS, Insectrin X, Backrubber & Pour-On, or Backrubber & Pour-On Xtra with Bovi-Rub products.

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