Neogen launches Attic Attack Rodent Bait Station

February 07, 2019

Press Release
CONTACT: Kimberly Wilson, Neogen Corporation, 859.254.1221

LEXINGTON, Ky., Feb. 7, 2019 — Baiting for rats and mice in attics just got easier.

Neogen’s new, innovative, patented Attic Attack Bait Station simply and effectively places rodent bait right where roof rats and mice are active — while eliminating the need to climb up into difficult-to-access attic spaces.

Attic Attack’s unique design allows for the easy installation of its mounting base in all ceiling types. The base stays in place while the station can be removed and baited without the need for a key. Once bait is consumed, an indicator flag will drop, alerting you it’s time for more bait.

“An effective rodent control program relies upon the placement of bait where the rodents live and travel,” said Neogen’s Senior Biosecurity Product Manager Stacy Dixon. “The Attic Attack Bait Station greatly simplifies the placement of bait where roof rats and mice live and travel in typical poultry and swine operations, as well as many other facilities.”

Neogen’s Attic Attack Bait Station offers:

  • A simple method to help control roof rats and mice in attic spaces
  • Easy-to-mount design to make setup simple
  • Complete access from below without the need for special keys or tools
  • An easily visible flag indicates that bait has been consumed
  • Compatibility with all of Neogen’s block-style and soft baits, including Havoc®, CyKill™ and DeciMax®

For more information, contact Neogen at 859/254-1221 or visit

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