Neogen expert discusses equine botulism, BotVax® B vaccine on radio program

March 28, 2018

Press Release
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LEXINGTON, Ky., March 28, 2018 — Neogen veterinarian Dr. Joe Lyman recently discussed equine botulism on Horse Radio Network’s “Horses in the Morning” radio program, alerting many horse owners to the risks posed by the deadly neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum.

On the program, Dr. Lyman illuminated the dangers posed by the disease, as well as the risk factors in and out of regions of the United States where C. botulinum is endemic. Dr. Lyman also discussed the benefits of vaccinating horses against equine botulism, stressing the importance of protecting all horses when shipping feed and transporting horses across state lines is very common.

“Dr. Lyman’s expertise is incredibly valuable for Neogen and for the equine industry at large,” said Neogen’s Laura Hadley. “Equine botulism is usually fatal once contracted. Prevention is essential.” For over 30 years, Neogen has developed and marketed BotVax® B, a vaccine for the prevention of equine botulism Type B caused by C. botulinum. The vaccine inoculates against botulism in three doses, each one month apart, with yearly booster shots following initial application. BotVax B is the only U.S. Department of Agriculture-approved C. botulinum type B toxoid licensed for preventing equine botulism in healthy horses.

“The vaccine is basically the toxin that has been distorted a little bit, so it doesn’t act on the horse, but it’s enough to trigger an immune response,” said Dr. Lyman on the program. “For the horses that have been vaccinated, when they do encounter the toxin, the toxin gets bound by antibodies and does not actually act on the nerves of the horse. The vaccine has been around for over 30 years and is highly effective, so certainly any horse at risk should be vaccinated.”

The interview, which aired on March 21, can be listened to at

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