Neogen develops even easier to use ElectroJac

February 01, 2012

CONTACT: Andi Branstetter, Neogen Corporation, 517.372.9200

LEXINGTON, Ky., Feb. 1, 2012 — Neogen has made field semen collection even easier with extensive improvements to its battery-powered ElectroJac® collection unit, including a new wireless remote control. Neogen’s new ElectroJac 6 combines the proven features from previous versions with customer-requested improvements.

“Our ElectroJac product has earned the trust and continued use of veterinarians and ranchers through the years because of its ability to make breeding soundness exams easier to perform and easier on the animal,” said Neogen’s Andi Branstetter. “But that doesn’t mean the product can’t be better. We’ve worked with countless ElectroJac customers since its introduction, many of whom have great ideas for product improvements. We’re very pleased to introduce ElectroJac 6, which features many of the upgrades suggested by our customers.”

Improvements now available with ElectroJac 6 include:

  • Wireless remote control/dwell switch: ElectroJac 6’s new wireless remote has an on/off button and a dwell button — a unique ElectroJac feature. With the dwell feature, users can postpone automatic cycle progression and dwell at a preferred power level in 2-second on/off intervals to collect from even the hardest-to-collect bulls.
  • Improved probe shape and materials: ElectroJac 6’s new goalpost-designed probe prevents breakage if the bull smacks it against the chute or ground, and its new black rubber materials practically bounce — preventing breakage from accidental drops or kicks. Also now available are 3” probes for older and larger bulls.
  • Water resistant casing: Increased waterproofing of ElectroJac’s electronics prevents damage from leakage and condensation, increasing the unit’s dependability.
  • More cycles, more power: In automatic mode, ElectroJac 6 progresses through 40 cycles, 8 more than the previous version, and its later cycles now deliver 5% more power to collect from the older bulls.
  • Cycle beep alerts: In automatic mode, ElectroJac 6 has one beep at cycle 1 to begin the process, one beep at cycle 30 to let you know the cycles are wrapping up, and one long beep at cycle 40, to let you now it’s starting over again.

With the flexibility of both automatic and manual settings, ElectroJac 6 is the perfect field unit for even hard to-collect bulls. When ElectroJac 6 is in automatic mode, it automatically will advance through 40 cycles of increasing power levels until the desired results are achieved. The unit’s dwell switch also may be used for more control during automatic operation. ElectroJac 6’s manual mode provides the user full control of the timing and intensity of the charges delivered to the probe.

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