Neogen, Angus Genetics launch improved Angus GS℠

January 30, 2020

Press Release
CONTACTS: Clint Mefford, Neogen,
Kelli Retallick, Angus Genetics,

LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 30, 2020 — Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) announced today that it and Angus Genetics, Inc. (AGI) have launched updated content to Angus GSSM — the first genomic profiler designed specifically for Angus cattle.

Developed in partnership with the scientists at AGI, the recent updates to Angus GS include the addition of 25,000 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) to the existing profile. This additional content includes, among other elements, SNPs discovered in sequenced animals that have never been part of any commercial genotyping array, which are particularly relevant for traits of interest relating to calving ease, birth weight, marbling, and heifer pregnancy.

“I am very excited to see the expanded Angus GS now available to members,” said Dr. Stephen Miller, director of genetic research for AGI. “The AGI research team analyzed the association’s genotype and performance database, which is by far the most powerful in the industry to determine genomic regions and variants that are likely to have the largest impact on cattle performance.”

Recently, researchers from the USDA’s Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Nebraska (USMARC) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) identified a number of SNPs associated with bovine congestive heart failure (BHCF) in their study population. These same researchers collaborated with AGI and Neogen to incorporate these markers into Angus GS to enable a broader study to validate these associations in the Angus breed specifically.

The ability to leverage the Angus database, alongside Neogen’s advanced technology, allowed for the latest innovations in the product’s design.

“Angus’s database of the whole genome sequence was leveraged with help from experts in the field to identify approximately 2,500 variants that are most likely having a large effect in Angus cattle,” Miller continued. “In fact, this new array is unique in the amount of new and novel content included, as we have populated this chip with the most informative content that Neogen could squeeze on there.”

Angus GS was first unveiled by the American Angus Association in 2017 and has since seen rapid adoption by Angus breeders. Dr. Stewart Bauck, Neogen’s vice president of agrigenomics, points out that as each new Angus GS genotype rolls in, the Angus database gets one step stronger as a result.

“The continued improvement of Angus GS is really a testament to Angus breeders and their commitment to innovation,” said Bauck. “We are pleased to work with the American Angus Association and help producers gain deeper insights into Angus genetics to enhance the future of their operation and the Angus breed.”

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