GeneSeek® continues to grow in the heartland of agriculture

February 05, 2014

Press Release
CONTACT: Dr. Stewart Bauck, Neogen Corporation, 402.435.0665

LINCOLN, Neb., Feb. 5, 2014 — GeneSeek, a leader in agrigenomics, has continued to grow significantly in the past year, according to its general manager, Stewart Bauck, DVM. “In the past year, GeneSeek and our parent company, Neogen, have emerged as a leader in animal genomics testing in the world,” Bauck said.

GeneSeek will move into a new facility in the second quarter of 2014, having outgrown its 13,000 square foot lab in a Nebraska technology park. The new lab, now being furbished, will be twice as large as the previous facility.

In the past year, Neogen purchased Scidera Genomics, which had also operated as Metamorphix, bringing to GeneSeek a number of important new clients and test specializations with that acquisition. Neogen also purchased access to Cargill’s BeefGen patents, which covers genomic decision-making methods and technology to assist in breeding, feeding and managing cattle.

Behind the scenes, the company has continued to invest. It has improved work-fl ow processes and services to cattle producers. It has added more diagnostic test options to increase the value it can provide customers. And it is collaborating closely with leading university, breed associations, government research institutions as well as manufacturers of information technology products used to scan and read cattle DNA, he said.

The company also has expanded its position in the market, Bauck adds. In 2012, Neogen and GeneSeek acquired the assets of Igenity from Merial. Thi

s gave the combined company broader exposure to the cattle market and placed it into a role of working with many end-users.

The result is a company that has more customers, a strong position in the market and is poised to grow its busy lab and analytical services for cattle producers.

“During the past year, GeneSeek has taken on the entire process from the cattle chute, where the producer gets a sample and sends it to us to process, to where we provide the information to assist the producer on the implementation of the technology,” Bauck said. “And that transformation gives us a wonderful insight into the practical applications of this technology across the industry,” The company’s focus on the emerging field of genomics testing, plus its relationships in the cattle industry and its location in the heartland, give GeneSeek a natural leadership position to deploy DNA testing technology for cattle producers, he said.

“GeneSeek has customers ranging from large integrated breeding companies to individual cattle producers sending a hair sample for a horned/polled, coat color or parentage test,” he said. “We are located in the heart of livestock production, situated just off I-80 in Lincoln, Nebraska, one of the largest cattle-producing states in the country. Producers coming through are always welcome to visit. We have an open door policy and we love to visit with them to talk about the technology, how they are using it and how we can assist them.”

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